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Versions and update logs of MagicaVoxel.

9/8/2019 Changelog

  1. Intel Open Image Denoiser
    • Requirement: Windows x64, 4GB memory
    • Installation: download and extract the content to your MagicaVoxel folder.
    • Image->Filter->Denoise: denoise rendered images in the preview mode. use mouse wheel to zoom in/out, left-drag to move image.
    • Image->MRT: render additional albedo and normal images to help the denoiser to preserve details. note that it does not always improve the quality.
    • Sample->Bounce->Clamp: clamp energy to reduce noises.

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9/1/2019 Changelog

  1. Renderer
    • Sky->IBL: Image Based Lighting. use ".hdr" format panorama images to light the scene.
    • Fog: add Equi-angular sampling back to reduce noises. support fogs in othogonal views in a bounding volume.
    • Media: enable Sample->TR-Shadow to allow single direct lighting; enable Sample->MIS-Cloud to allow multiple direct lighting (very expensive).
    • Color all color options have their own color pickers which support HSV, RGB, H-Block and Hex values.
    • Palette Menu right click the palette view to show the pop-up menu.

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5/29/2019 Changelog

  1. Renderer
    • Matter->Cloud: Media material which supports multiple scattering inside volume.
    • Sample->MIS-GGX: Multiple Importance Sampling (MIS) for GGX surfaces (Metal/Plastic/Glass) for better reflection.
    • Sample->TR-Shadow: Tranlsucent Shadow which allows light passing though glass and cloud voxels. Only Glass->Attenuation can affect the light color.
    • can adjust Bounce->Diffuse/Specular/Scatter path depths separately.
    • can assign glass/cloud materials to sphere/cylinder shape voxels (for experiments only).
    • the renderer pipeline is refactored, which needs more time to improve, optimize and fix bugs.
    • some features such as fog scattering requires more researches.
    • frame drops and noises are expected.

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2/3/2019 Changelog

  1. Final Image Render : Render->Image Settings (Right Panel)
    • Photo Mode: up to 12000 x 12000 size images. Bloom effect is not available.
    • Turntable Mode: spinning camera animation with Motion Blur. Saved as name (frame index).png image sequence.
    • Both modes can render in the background.
    • You may need to disable vsyn in the GPU panel for this program.
  2. Lens
    • Panorama Projection: Lens->Pano. Set image size width = height x 2
    • Focus: can fix or set focus distance by numbers.
    • Depth of Field effect can be enabled in all camera projection modes.
    • Fixed bugs for camera blades (images become darker) and grids.
  3. Camera Control
    • X+left click to set the camera rotation center in both editing and rendering modes.
  4. Export
    • add slices/cubes/point clouds export options
    • export settings (scale, axis, etc.) can be found in config/config.txt/io_*
    • export objects are named as [project name]-[index]-[object name].[ext]
    • the vertices of the mesh exports are using their global positions in the world editor.
  5. Config
    • can modify edge/ground/background/fade color of the editor
    • add hotkey.txt in config/ folder to bind keys to commands.
    • the keys A-Z, 0-9, F1-F12 are recommended.
    • repeat token means that you can hold the keys to automatically perform multiple times of actions, e.g. undo/redo
    • commands may be refactored in the future. The feature is not robust. Use it carefully.

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9/29/2018 Changelog

  1. New Interface
    • Redesigned the interface
    • Slidable and resizable panels
    • SDF font rendering
    • CTRL+Wheel or CTRL +/- to scale UI size
    • a basic object list to show the scene graph, will be improved in future updates
  2. Renderer
    • Large Sparse Volume: Sample->Geometry->SV the rendering volume increases to 2048x2048x1024. But the total number of solid voxels is still limited. SV Mode works with cubic voxel only
    • Voxel Shapes: new Clay shape with the previous supported shapes (LegoMarching Cubes, etc.)
    • World Scale: rectangular voxels
    • Pixelated Illumination: Sample->PX
    • Can show sun disk in the sky; added Ozone attenuation
    • Fix bugs in orthogonal views
    • Voxel shapes and SV mode will be improved in future updates
  3. Palette
    • CTRL+Drag: swap (move) color
    • CTRL+SHIFT+Drag: duplicate color
    • cmd pal sort [+-hsvrgb]: sort palette colors (e.g. pal sort vsh)
  4. Voxel Shader
    • add xs_shader in config.txt
    • can execute subfolder shaders: xs sub/poly

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3/12/2018 Changelog

  1. Renderer (hidden menu)
    • Atmospheric Scattering Skydome: Rayleigh/Mie scattering
    • Bladed Bokeh: for large depth of field
    • Stretched Bloom Filter
    • Grids: can change Spacing, Width, and Color
    • Field of View (FOV): change range to: 1-360
    • Fix some bugs: e.g. Bloom dark points
    • More options are saved into file, format is changed as well
  2. Editor
    • Align Objects in Editor
    • New object is using last model size
    • Fix importing files with unicode paths
    • Add default export and snapshots folders in config

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11/23/2017 Changelog

  1. World Editor
    • Support multiple objects
    • Larger scene area: (-1024+1024)
    • Group objects
    • Reference objects/groups: modifying one of the references will affect the others
    • Transform objects: rotate, flip, move
    • Rectangle select: SHIFT to add selection, ALT+SHIFT to remove selection
    • Translation gizmo and free movement: Shift+move to get a referenced copy
    • Union combine objects
    • Copy/paste objects between world editor and model editor
    • Hide objects
    • Change order of objects for drawing and combination
    • Layers: to hide objects with same layer tag
    • Hotkey TAB to switch between model editor and world editor
    • Hotkey TAB/SHIFT+TAB to enter/leave groups
  2. Renderer
    • Performance optimizations
    • Support larger volumes: 512x512x5121024x512x256 or 1024x1024x128
    • Can copy/paste materials using CTRL+C/V or Matter->C/P
    • Rendering settings are saved into file: lighting, lens, ground/edge colors, etc.
    • Blooming effect is automaticlly calculated, and can be paused as well
    • Can display constant color background: View->Back
  3. View Cube
    • Smooth camera transition
    • Click the cube face/edge/vertex to set to 26 standard view angles (90/45)
    • Left-drag the view cube to rotate view
    • Hotkey 4 to recenter view; hotkey 5 to show one of the 6 face views (front, back, etc.)
    • Z+left drag to zoom view
    • X+left drag to rotate view
    • Space+left drag to move view
    • 7/8 to save/load view
  4. Editing
    • Auto-saved to cache/ folder every 25 steps
  5. UI
    • UI scaling for High DPI screens: enter ui scale 1.5 in console or change ui_scale in config.txt
    • Panel is scalable (some UI elements are hidden behind)
    • Palette: pick color from screen: ALT+left drag
    • Lower CPU usage: only redraw when needed
  6. Limitations: will be improved in future version
    • Not stable
    • Export: can only export single models, cannot export models with offsets and names
    • Render: no voxel shapes
    • Animation: no frame based animation

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04/01/2017 Changelog

  1. Bloom
    • Click the button in Bloom section to calculate bloom effect when any rendeirng setting has been changed
    • It has its own progress bar, and uses the same number of samples from the top
    • When adjusting the weight with the slider, it won't restart rendering
    • It will enable Camera->ACES automatically
  2. Bokeh
    • It has larger aperture size for DOF (depth of field)
  3. HDR Emissive Material
    • Formula is changed to Emit * (10 ^ Power)
    • Glow is only used to enhance Bloom and Bokeh effects
  4. Pause Rendering and Instant Feedback
    • Click Image->|| to pause progressive rendering
    • Enable Sample->GI
    • Every change of material will be immediately displayed in viewport
    • (*expensive option, higher end GPU recommended)
  5. Sky Background
    • Enable View->Back (CTRL+B) to display sky as background
    • The fading ground into horizon is controled by Fog slider
    • For real fog, enable Fog firstly
  6. Ground Material
    • Now you can use Alt+LButton to click the ground, and then assign Metal material to it
  7. Pixelated Rendering
    • Turn off View->AA to disable Anti-Aliasing and set image size small (128, e.g.)

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12/30/2016 Changelog

  1. Selection
    • New Box/Rect/Region selection brushes
    • New selection tools Edit->Select: Copy/Paste, Deselect/Inverse Select, etc.
    • Attach/Erase/Paint brushes can only operate on unselected voxels
    • Move/Remove Color/Replace Color brushes can operate on both selected and unselected voxels
    • Edit Tools can only operate on selected voxels
    • Transform Tools Flip/Rot/Loop/Scale/Repeat modify selected voxels around local center
    • Export only exports selected voxels if selection exists
  2. Selection Brushes
    • +SHIFT to add selection, +SHIFT+ALT to subtract selection
    • Box Select: select voxels within a box
    • Rect Select: select voxels within a screen rect: K+RButton click voxel to navigate to 90 degree view
    • Region Select: select voxels within same volume, same face, or with same color
  3. Pattern Brush
    • Can create Pattern directly from selection: very helpful for texturing surface/duplicating small shapes
    • Can rotate Pattern around z, x, y axes with keys -/+, 9, 0
    • Can add local offset to Pattern with arrow and page keys
    • Reset local offset to 0 with Home key
  4. Bounding Box and Frame Grids
    • Can select on all six faces of bounding box now
    • View->Frame: can change spacing, very helpful for measurement
  5. Camera Setting
    • Camera->ton: ACES Filmic Tone Mapping
    • Camera->dof: Depth of Field, click voxel with LButton to set camera focus
  6. Misc
    • Command dia [axis]: diagonal symmetry
    • Command o slice: export volume as an image of size (width, height x depth)

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10/22/2016 Changelog

  1. Frame-Based Animation
    • Supports up to 24 frames animation
    • Ctrl+Drag to move frame, Ctrl+Shift+Drag to duplicate frame
    • Press on the prev/next button to play animation (you can also change time step)
    • Drag and drop multiple models to import as animation
    • It can also be used for other purposes, like assets of same category
    • However, features of importing and exporting anim are not fully supported yet
  2. New Interface
    • Materials are saved into .vox file now
    • If there are unsaved changes, the tiny button besides name field will become orange, click it to save
    • Program will ask for saving changes when opening new models or closing the program
    • Click the title of each panel to close it
    • Tool->Scale, Repeat, Rotate are removed, use console commands scale, repeat, rot instead
  3. Voxel Shader also supports generating anim now
    • [New inputs]
    • iFrame: current frame index
    • iNumFrames: total num of frames
    • iIter: current iteration index
    • iRand: a vec4 random number updated every iter and frame
    • [New Options]
    • -n: specify number of iterations, eg. xs -n 8 [shaderName]
    • -prev/-cur: specify input frame, -prev for previous frame, -cur for current frame (default is -prev)

09/25/2016 Changelog

  1. Fog Scattering: can scatter all types of lights (Sun/Sky/Area)
    • Only works in Pers/Free camera modes
    • Works for glass/metal materials (can get reflection/refraction from sun light)
    • Surface can also be lit by scattered light
    • Can create light shafts
    • Can create background with small fog density
    • Fog color mainly depends on light color and in-scattering color
  2. Ground is changed to infinity large in all camera modes
  3. Optimized shaders by removing unused branches

07/05/2016 Changelog

  1. New Emissive Area Lighting
    • Emit->Power: Radiant Flux for Area Lighting
    • Emit->Glow: Energy loss on closer surface
    • Emit->Total: Total power for all voxels or power density
  2. Hints:
    • Requires GI option enabled for advanced effects
    • Only supports Cubic/RG/RE voxel shape
    • For small but strong light source (e.g. point lights), use Emit->Total
    • It is recommended to use lower image resolution (e.g. 640x480) when adjusting parameters
    • For better quality of final image, use more samples (e.g. 5000)
    • Not very robust for this version (has several potential artifacts)
    • If it is still too dark, do not forget to use Post->E to increase exposure
  3. Fix several artifacts for Glass material

06/05/2016 Changelog

  1. New Metal/Plastic Material with GGX NDF
  2. Post Effects
    • Post->E: Exposure, when the scene is too dark, you can increase this
    • Post->V: Vignette
    • Camera->G: Gamma Correction
  3. Pick up Sun/Sky Color from Palette
  4. Better Quality of Soft Shadow
  5. Sample->GI : on the top right, enable stochastic sampling for better indirect illumination
    • It's slower (~50%) and noisy (requires 3000+ samples)
    • Use it for indoor scenes, larger exposure, or final render

03/02/2016 Changelog

  • Export->bake: bake voxel mesh with ambient occlusion and soft shadow:
    • Example on Sketchfab
    • Must support the built-in renderer, if program crashed, recover model from cache/ directory
    • It may take from several seconds to half a minute, depending on machine, model, and sample number
    • Set sample number, direction and intensity of light sources in renderer mode
    • config->bake->perface: bake per face (pixelated) or per vertex (smooth)
    • config->bake->ambient: constant ambient color to make scene brighter
    • config->bake->gamma: for app with gamma correction, set it to 2.2 to avoid color washed out
  • New CMD odir: export all models in current folder, e.g. odir obj
  • Palette ALT+DRAG: swap palette color without changing model, make it easier to organize palette
  • Fixed a bug in .qb export

02/15/2016 Changelog

  1. New Voxel Shader:
    • Supports GLSL based shader script to generate your custom volume
    • Shaders are in the new folder shader/
    • Try typing [xs wave] in console to start
    • Basic command format is: xs [shader name] [arg0] [arg1] [..]
    • If you want to run the shader multiple times in one run, use: xs [num] [shader name ] [args...]
  2. New Brush Options:
    • [V]oxel Mode: 3D (Volume: Cube, Sphere), 2D (Flat: Square, Disc), Su (Surface, only operates on surface)
    • - Added hotkeys 1-9 to set brush size quickly
    • [C]enter Mode: supports both square and circle shape now
    • [P]attern Mode: can choose using either original model color or current palette color
    • - Can be applied on erasing and painting now
  3. New Marching Cube Export Export->mc: export your voxel model as Marching Cube meshes (.ply)
  4. Camera Control: use middle button to move camera
  5. Cache Folder cache/: program will automatically backup model before quitting program or rendering model
  6. Obj Export Pivot: fixed bugs for obj pivot, you can also set your custom pivot in config.txt->file_obj
  7. Palette Command: added command pal mask to mask out unused color in palette
  8. Fixed a little rendering bug with orth/iso camera, still not very robust though

11/30/2015 Changelog

  1. Enhanced Brushes, Improved UI and File System:
  • Save and Open dialog for all Palette, Model, Export, Screenshot files
  • Face Brush: extrude surface by dragging with various modes
  • Voxel Brush: has been integrated with Cube and Sphere Brushes, working with mirror and axis modes now
  • Circle Brush: center voxel of circle is not operated; support even diameter size
  • HUD: voxel coordinates, volume size, face layers, circle radius are displayed in console now
  • Camera: added X+RButton to select camera focus center, and yellow button to toggle auto camera focus
  • Export: fixed obj export and more config options for isometric and 2d sprite export
  • Render: Light->0 is changed to pure color model; the ground in orth/iso mode will be infinity large
  • Multiple UI improvements

08/15/2015 Changelog

  1. Matter->Glass: new transparent voxels with refraction and attenuation

08/09/2015 Changelog

  1. Matter->Sel: per palette material setting (use Alt+LButton or LButton to select material)
  2. New Emissive material; perfect mirror reflection (Rough = 0); over 8 light bounces
  3. Folder path setting in config file; bug fixed for .obj export

07/05/2015 Changelog

  1. Export->iso: new isometric sprites export
  2. Export->obj: color based mesh simplification for .obj format
  3. Model List: drag 'n drop folder to model list to change its root path

05/24/2015 Changelog

  1. Renderer supports various voxel shapes (Lego, Marching Cube, Sphere, Cylinder) and rounded corners, colored grids
  2. Camera supports stereographics projection, radial distortion, Escher Droste effect
  3. Use F5/F7 to save/load current camera
  4. Performance improvement and bug fixes


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