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The purpose of this help page is to give any visitor advices and explanations on how to contribute to MagicaVoxel Wiki.
Thank you for your interest and involvement!

  • This entire website uses an wiki engine called MediaWiki. You may not recognize it at first, but it's the same as Wikipedia.

    MediaWiki allows any registered visitor to modify almost every page through the Actions button.

    Every modification is logged, and can be seen by anyone. Nothing is private: this is a community-oriented website.

    But thanks to that, everything can be reversed in a click. You can't break anything, so don't be afraid, add content!

    Just be aware that all contents are published under the Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA, so please don't reproduce or paste something that doesnt' respect this license.
  • If you have a doubt, each page has it's own discussion page; all users interrogations can be solved by talking either here, or on our Discord server, channel #wiki.
  • A wiki page discussion link.
  • One last thing:
    • a green link sends you to an existing page (internal or external to the wiki)
    • a red one links to a page that doesn't exist yet. Why not start it by adding your point of view?
  • To be allowed to edit MagicaVoxel Wiki pages, you must create an account. You'll need a username, a password and an email adress.

    You will receive a confirmation email (sometimes in your SPAM folder :/) and should click on the sent link.

    Once done with the email verification process, you can log in and edit your first page.

Help:Contents on, everything you need to know about using a wiki!

Quick guide:

  • = = '' [[]] | {{}} What is that strange language? How to format your text
  • Every tips and tricks using links to boldly go anywhere
  • Text is good, but let's cheer that up with images & files

Another good way to learn is to look at the source of an existing page

Multi-language support is implemented in this wiki, but must follow some rules to work efficiently:

  • To enable translations in any page, add the {{NavLang}} template at the bottom of the english page. This will add a language navigation bar in the top right hand corner.
  • Each language tranlation is handled in a Subpage named with the language code (i.e. /fr for french)
  • Should the english page be transcluded somewhere, you may need to encapsulate the language bar like this: <noinclude>{{NavLang}}</noinclude> to prevent awkward results

If you don't find your language in the language bar, ask someone from the Staff to add it!

For the record, we did not choose to use the Translate extension for the moment.

Extensions are add-on scripts that enhance MediaWiki's functionalities and user experience.
Here's a little recap on which ones could help you improving your content.
All extensions installed can be seen on the Version special page.


  • Allows to add a foot note on a page, perfect to justify a sentence with the source.
    Just add your reference text (can be anything, even wiki code) between two <ref></ref> tags, it will generate a automatic number and link in the botton of the page.

    Extension:Cite on MediaWiki.


  • Displays every = level 1 = headings into Tabs (like on this help page).
    Used by default on every page until it encounter a <headertabs/> tag into the page. Level 1 headers below that tag won't be displayed as tabs.
    Only one <headertabs/> tag by page is allowed.

    How to link directly to a specific tab: {{#switchtablink:Tab name|Link text|Page name}}

    Extension:HeaderTabs on MediaWiki.

This wiki uses the Pivot skin, which includes many useful features:

jQuery Orbit Slider

Add an image slider using this example html code in a wiki page:

<div style="width: 512px;">
  <ul class="palette-index" data-orbit data-options="timer_speed: 5000;bullets: false;">
    <li class="active">
      [[File:image1.jpg|Caption 1]]
      <div class="orbit-caption">Caption 1</div>
      [[File:image2.png|Caption 2]]
      <div class="orbit-caption">Caption 2</div>

Change your slider width in the style tag, and adapt data-options with these available settings:

animation: 'slide';                                // Sets the type of animation used for transitioning between slides, can also be 'fade'
timer_speed: 10000;                                // Sets the amount of time in milliseconds before transitioning a slide
pause_on_hover: true;                              // Pauses on the current slide while hovering
resume_on_mouseout: false;                         // If pause on hover is set to true, this setting resumes playback after mousing out of slide
next_on_click: true;                               // Advance to next slide on click
animation_speed: 500;                              // Sets the amount of time in milliseconds the transition between slides will last
stack_on_small: false;
navigation_arrows: true;
slide_number: true;
bullets_active_class: 'active';                    // Class name given to the active bullet
bullets: true;                                     // Does the slider have bullets visible?
circular: true;                                    // Does the slider should go to the first slide after showing the last?
timer: true;                                       // Does the slider have a timer active? Setting to false disables the timer.
variable_height: false;                            // Does the slider have variable height content?
swipe: true;

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