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  • Time for a little Voxel Challenge during Quarantine!
    Check our Discord server, channel #mvc-scale-chalenge.

    It's a simple yet challenging task. Try to make the same model in 3 different scales and share your results in here. It's just a challenge, not a contest so there's no prizes to win. This is simply to challenge yourself and your voxel skills!

    The deadline will be April 20th but this will only mean that this channel will close then so that you can't write and post anymore.

    In the image you can see a little example on how the challenge should work. Start with a small scale, then get to a bigger one and after that an even bigger one.

    Challenge organized by knos
  • Event SC example.jpg


  • Event submissions, in your own timezone:
    march 25, 2020     april 20, 2020
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