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  • 255개의 칸(32열과 8행)은 active palette에서 LButton을 클릭하여 색 또는 재질을 선택할 수 있게 한다.

    팔레트의 각 칸은 고유의 숫자로 식별된다. 색 색인은 하단 좌측 끝인 1에서 시작하여 상단 우측 끝인 255이다.
    각 색의 색인은 마우스를 갖다 댈 때 console message line에 표시된다.

    Each voxel in the project is linked to its color index value. If you change a color in the palette, all linked voxels will follow that new color change.

    The index is also related to its position in the palette file, included in the project file when saving, and which can be exported seperately.

    To change the color of a palette cell, select it and expand the color menu.
    Drag and dropping a PNG file on the palette table replaces the current palette with colors of that PNG.

    Palette colors can be manipulated in many ways. You can:

    • switch 2 color values in the table
    • duplicate a color to another cell/index
    • create a gradient between 2 cells
    See the shortcut page to learn about these tricks.
  • Interface 0.99.3a palette-color palette.gif
    Choosing a color index in the palette

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