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[[Category:Documentation]][[Category:World editor]]

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  • Align is a retractable set of functions from world editor's edit menu.

    Moves two or more selected elements (objects or groups) along specific axes, to either:
    • align their faces
    • center them related to their centroid
    These functions affects all sub-hierarchy level of selected elements.

    Available functions:
    • +X / cX / -X
    • +Y / cY / -Y
    • +Z / cZ / -Z
  • Interface 0.99.4a world edit-align.png

+X / cX / -X

    • align objects to maximum X
    • align objects to center X
    • align objects to minimum X
  • Interface 0.99.4a world edit-align x example.gif
    Aligning elements along X axis

+Y / cY / -Y

    • align objects to maximum Y
    • align objects to center Y
    • align objects to minimum Y
  • Interface 0.99.4a world edit-align y example.gif
    Aligning elements along Y axis

+Z / cZ / -Z

    • align objects to maximum Z
    • align objects to center Z
    • align objects to minimum Z
  • Interface 0.99.4a world edit-align z example.gif
    Aligning elements along Z axis

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