World panel (interface)

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  • Allows selecting objects one by one.
    +SHIFT selects multiple objects.
    +ALT+SHIFT removes objects from the selection.

    The object submenu displays:
    • [none] when no object is selected
    • [object's name] when one object is selected
    • [multiple] when 2 or more objects are selected
    You can also select an object by clicking on its name in the project list
  • Interface 0.99.3a world-select example.gif
    Selecting one or multiple objects


  • Allows to translate in 2D on the floor plan the clicked object, selected objects or group.
    +SHIFT creates object references.
  • Interface 0.99.3a world-move example.gif
    Moving objects and creating references

Pick color

  • Changes the active color by choosing a voxel in the world window.
    This function is not affected by selection.
  • Interface 0.99.3a world-pick color example.gif
    Picking colors on objects

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