Voxels of Titan

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  • Every member of MagicaVoxel Community (MVC) Discord server is able to participate in the event.

    You can submit as many buildings as you want, providing that you follow these size and color restrictions:
    • every building must be included in one MagicaVoxel object of 92 x 92 x 126 vx. Please do not change that size limit
    • every submission must follow the color palette provided in the event template file. Do not tamper with colors and material settings
    • submitted building should be fully modeled (screenshots will be taken from different sides)
  • Event VoT mockup v1.0 800x460.jpg
    Mockup of a possible final render, 3D models by StarVox, Starvick, Muerto_ni and PatrikRoy


  • Event submissions, in your own timezone:
    saturday february 15, 2020     sunday march 8, 2020


  • This event is only in a theme of Industries of Titan, which is the sole property of Brace Yourself Games.
    Please don't re-create models you see in the game media, or make too close adaptations of it.
    None of the assets you are creating for this collab will be used in the game.

Submissions and social media

  • VOX models
    Each of your VOX project file will contain one building.
    Please name your projects VoT-your_discord_username-your_building_name.vox.
    When ready to be submitted, compress it if possible, and send it to PatrikRoy through a Discord private message.

    PNG render images
    Every submission may be posted as images on MVC Discord server, on channel:
    • #wip for asking advices and showing unfinished concepts
    • #voxels-of-titan for finished buildings which will be added in the city at the end of the event
    • #voxel-creations to be able to collect member votes. 5 or more stars will be automatically re-posted on MVC Twitter account
    You can of course post your renders on your personal profiles and websites.
    If you include foreign elements in your scene (not made by yourself, like some MVC example buildings), remember that your final render must follow the license explained above.
  • Event VoT editor example 786x560.jpg
    Example building made by Muerto_ni


  • Template file:
    File:MVC VoT template

    The door is just here to help you size your building, it is not mandatory to use it.
  • Event VoT template v1.0 300x341.jpg
    92 x 92 x 126 vx template (with example door)
  • Palette materials - Same for everyone, do not modify it!
    • index 1 to 64: Diffuse
    • index 65 to 128: Metal
    • index 129 to 144: Emission power 1
    • index 145 to 160: Emission power 2
    • index 161 to 176: Emission power 3
    • index 177 to 192: Glass
    • index 193 to 200: Cloud
    • index 201 to 255: Reserved materials, please do not use
  • Event VoT doc-palette.png
    Palette material settings


Check our submissions gallery so far!

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