Sparse volume

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  • Maximus: when I'm trying to render my work, it only a few of the workspaces I have are processed
    James Miller: hey so I've got this problem, when I add any vertical objects it starts to de-render other ones
    FikiMatej: Help my world gets cut in render mode
    -- Frequently asked questions on our Discord #help channel

When to use SV

  • Sparse volume is useful when:
    • some of your objects are not rendered
    • you don't need a shape applied to your voxels
  • Tutorial 0.99.3 PatrikRoy-SV where are my objects ffs.gif

How to use SV

    1. switch to render mode
    2. navigate into the light interface column
    3. make sure you've activated All or Sampling settings
    4. find and develop the geometry submenu
    5. click on SV
  • Tutorial 0.99.3 PatrikRoy-SV here they are.gif

PatrikRoy, February 2019

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