Gradients with Pattern Tool

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Gradients can bring life to many voxel creations and add a nice touch to any scene. This works both in nature and urban scenes. Gradients can enhance water, rocks, grass, walls, and many other things.

Pattern tool provides one of the easiest ways to create gradients.

All of the tools you'll need to create gradient

First, select Pattern tool in the Brush panel or press P on your keyboard. Then choose Selection tool in the same panel or press N. Make sure the selection type is set to Box.

Select as many voxels as you like — later those will be your pattern with which you will create your gradient. You can either select some random voxels or create some sort of, well, pattern, depending on the final look of the gradient you are looking for. If your gradient will not be applied to a flat surface, it's best to select less voxels.

When you're done selecting voxels, press on the Box icon in the Pattern panel. Choose paint (or press G) and paint your artwork till you're satisfied with the result.
Randomised GradientUniform Gradient

To add some diversity to your gradient select some voxels of the second colour and stamp some more. Your gradients can be as detailed as you'd like them to be.
Adding Details

Rendered Gradients

One of the real scenes where both beach and water were coloured using Pattern tool

my_little_bunny, february 2019

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