Rotate model (interface)

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  • Rotation is a retractable text area from model editor's edit menu.

    Tries to re-create the model after an rotation along one or more chosen axes, according to a specified angle in degrees:

    • either the whole model if nothing is selected
    • or the selected voxels

    If no axis is specified, transformation applies to all of them. Factor must be a rational number.

    The center of rotation is located at the geometric center[1] of the voxels concerned by the rotation.
    This transformation is an approximation, and on smaller models, will considerably alter the model if executed multiple times.

    Would the rotated model goes over the edges of the current object size, it will be truncated as it won't extend the limits.

    Do not mistake this one with the rot function
  • Interface 0.99.3a model edit-rotate model.png

    Interface 0.99.3a model edit-rotate model example.gif

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