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  • Sets brush in pattern mode.
    Allows each LButton click to paste a predefined volume of voxels.

    A pattern can be:

    • a selection of voxels from the model
    • a VOX file
      When choosing a VOX file as a pattern, and if it contains more than one object, only the first one will be used as a pattern

    VOX patterns are displayed in the pattern list, stored by default in the /pattern folder. That path is set in the config.txt configuration file on line dir_pattern.

    While a pattern is centered on mouse cursor by default, these shortcuts allows to change the offset of the insert point:

    • +/-/9/0 (not numpad): x/y/z pattern rotation
    • PgUp/PgDown/Up/Down/Left/Right (if numpad, VerNum off): add local offset to pattern
    • Home: reset local offset of pattern

    2 options are available for pattern mode:

    • Use raw or palette color
    • Create pattern from selection
  • Interface 0.99.2a brush-pattern example.png
    Multiple clicks of chr_knight, a VOX file loaded from the pattern list

Use raw or palette color

  • Draws a pattern using:
    • either the original color of the pattern
    • or the unique selected color in the palette
  • Interface 0.99.2a brush-pattern raw pal color example.gif
    Pattern + Attach + Create pattern from selection

Create pattern from selection

  • Uses the active selection as a pattern.
  • Interface 0.99.2a brush-pattern create from selection example.gif
    Pattern + Attach + Create pattern from selection

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