Layers (interface)

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Layer is a retractable list from world editor's world menu.

It allows arranging elements of a scene into named and colored "groups", that can be individually displayed or hidden.

8 layers of fixed color are available, named 0 to 7 by default. The object's color is visible on the edges of its limits when unselected.
Objects are created in the layer 0 by default.

Options available:

Edit layer names

  • To change the name of a layer, click on the pencil icon next to the "layer" submenu title.
    It switches the interface in edit mode: selecting a layer's name allows you to type in the textbox.

    When you're done editing names, click on the icon again to exit the edit mode.
  • Interface 0.99.3a world-edit layer names example.gif
    Renaming layers

Set layer visibility

  • To hide a layer, click on the corresponding colored dot in the first row of the layer's list.

    Make the layer visible again by clicking in the same spot.

    Hidden layers are not rendered.
  • Interface 0.99.3a world-set layer visibility example.gif
    Hiding/showing layers

Set layer for new objects

  • A light gray on a layer name shows the current layer for new objects.
    To change it, click on a layer name (out of name edit mode).
  • Interface 0.99.3a world-set layer for new objects example.gif
    Choosing a layer for new objects, renaming it (optional), and creating objects

Set layer for selected objects

  • To change object (or groups) layer membership, select one or more element, and in the layers list, click on the third row of the chosen layer.
  • Interface 0.99.3a world-set layer for selected objects example.gif
    Selecting objects, changing their layer and renaming layer

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