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Every user of this Wiki is encouraged to share her/his MagicaVoxel experience, tips and tricks.
If you feel like writing a quick howto, a long article, or anything useful to other enthusiastic voxel-art makers, follow these steps

Creating a tutorial

  • if you haven't already, create an account to be able to edit pages
  • think about how you want to name your tutorial. Choose something explicit the reader can pick in the tutorials list without doubt; less than 8 or 10 words should be enough
  • in the search box, type Tutorial:Your tutorial name
    • most of the time, it will return a red link on which you can click to create the page
    • if, by any incredible bad luck, another user already created a Tutorial: page with the same name, change yours a bit; you can also expand the existing page with another chapter
  • write your text (the hard part)
  • at the bottom of your page, paste these lines of code, replacing the text in italic:
    • {{Signature|Your wiki username|Your display name|Date of your tutorial}} (optional, but nicer)
    • <noinclude>[[Category:Tutorial]]</noinclude> (required to be listed on the wiki)
  • you can Show preview or Save changes anytime, and edit it as much as you like.

Adding media

Check the user list. If you already have the Voxelist user right, you can already upload files

If you need to add images or files in your page, you'll have to ask a staff member to get the upload user right - don't worry, you'll only have to ask once.
You can contact us either:

  • asking us directly on Twitter
  • or leaving us a message on Discord, either in channel #wiki, or in private to a Staff user

You're done! Thank you for contributing!

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