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Every user of this Wiki is encouraged to show some of their MagicaVoxel creations on the home page.
We remind you that contributions are published under the Creative Commons licence "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International" (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Share a render

  • if you haven't already, create an account to be able to edit pages
  • Check the user list. If you already have the Voxelist user right, you can skip the next step
  • if you don't have it yet, ask a staff member to get the upload user right - don't worry, you'll only have to ask once. You can contact us either:
    • asking us directly on Twitter
    • or leaving us a message on Discord, either in channel #wiki, or in private to a Staff user
  • prepare your render file respecting these requirements
    • make it square (1:1), 2048 x 2048 pixels maximum
    • name it Voxel_art-Your_wiki_username-Name_of_the_render.extension, changing
      • Your_wiki_username (it should be
      • Name_of_the_render (as you wish)
      • extension (JPG or PNG)
  • upload your image
  • edit the page Layout-UserRenders
  • find the code <li class="active"> and paste these lines after it:
<div class="orbit-caption">Comment by [[User:Your_wiki_username|Your_wiki_username]]</div>
  • changing
    • by the name of the file you uploaded
    • Comment by your description of the render
    • Your_wiki_username as explained previously
      You'll quickly understand by looking at the code of the existing renders
  • check if your render is displayed by hitting Show preview. Everything's fine? Click Save page

You're done! Thank you for contributing!

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