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  • Downloading FileToVox

    Latest stable release: V1.5.3 (download on Github)
    Software's licence: MIT (also known as X11)

    Installing FileToVox

    Microsoft Windows

    At the moment, FileToVox does not provide an installer, you'll need to:

    • Create a new filetovox folder on your disk (next to MagicaVoxel's one could be a good choice)
    • Download and save it in that new folder
    • Extract the archive, then delete the .zip file

    Apple Mac OS

    To be completed by a Mac user


    To be completed by a Linux user

  • Using FileToVox

    FileToVox is a command line program, so you'll need some minor skill with the Command Prompt (Microsoft Windows users), the Terminal (Apple Mac OS users) or the console (Linux users, but that shouldn't be a problem for you).

    Basic steps (V1.5, Windows 10)

    • using the explorer, copy the file you want to convert in the FileToVox folder
    • launch command prompt by hitting the Windows key, typing cmd, then hit return
    • change the prompt location to find your FileToVox folder (i.e. changing the drive name if necessary, and using the cd command)
    • use the command FileToVox.exe [options] -i [input] -o [output], with
      • [options] see next paragraph (optional)
      • [input] the name of the source file you want to convert, with extension
      • [output] the name of the converted file, without extension
    • you can now move both source and converted files out of the FileToVox folder, and open the converted vox file in MagicaVoxel

    Available options

    --i, -input=VALUE                   input file
    --o, -output=VALUE                  output file
    --h, -help                          show this message and exit
    --v, -verbose                       enable the verbose mode
    --w, -way=VALUE                     the way of schematic (0 or 1), default value is 0
    --iminy, -ignore-min-y=VALUE        ignore blocks below the specified layer
    --imaxy, -ignore-max-y=VALUE        ignore blocks above the specified layer
    --e, -excavate                      delete all blocks which doesn't have at lease one face connected with air
    --s, -scale=VALUE                   increase the scale of each block
    --hm, -heightmap=VALUE              create voxels terrain from heightmap
    --c, -color                         enable color when generating heightmap
    --t, -top                           create voxels only for top
    --cm, -color-from-file              load color from another file

    Example: convert a PNG

    FileToVox 1.4.1 windows-convert png 01.png
    PNG source file in 256 colors, size 1024 x 1024 px

    FileToVox 1.4.1 windows-convert png 02.png
    Opening the Command Prompt in Windows 10

    FileToVox 1.5 windows-convert png 03.png
    Changing location and executing FileToVox

    FileToVox 1.4.1 windows-convert png 04.png
    Opening the output file in MagicaVoxel, 1024 x 1024 voxels
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