Diagonal (interface)

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  • Diagonal is a retractable set of functions from model editor's edit menu.

    That function applies an axial symmetry along a plan median to the non-selected axis:

    • either to the whole model if nothing is selected
    • or to the selected voxels

    It emulates the reflection of a mirror that copies half of the object into the other half. On the right example image, diagonal x behaves like a mirror represented by the red line.
    In both case, the "mirror" plan starts from the coordinate origins of the axis, and stretches at 45° towards the opposite object edge.

    The transformation enlarges the object limits if needed, 126 voxels being the maximum size of each side of an object.
    Beware, this function mirrors everything: solid voxels, but also empty voxels!
    See also mirror function.
  • Interface 0.99.3a model edit-diagonal.png

    For y axis in green, and z axis in blue, x diagonal plan is in red

    Interface 0.99.3a model edit-diagonal example.gif
    Diagonal examples on x axis

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