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指令格式 描述 例子
sel_none 取消選取
sel_all 選取全部
sel_inv 反轉選取
copy 複製體素
cut 剪下體素
paste 貼上體素
size [x y z] 調整模型大小 size 45 60 120
shrink 符合模型大小
zero 清除所有體素
full 填滿物件空間
fill 將所有體素填上相同顏色
inv 反轉實體和空的空間
flip [軸心] 翻轉模型 flip x y
loop [軸心] [偏移數值] 移動模型 loop z 1 x -2
scale [xyz] [數值] 縮放模型 (xyz是非必要的) scale 2.0
x2 兩倍放大模型
rot [軸心] [角度] 旋轉模型 (任何角度) rot x 30
rot90 [軸心] 旋轉模型 90度 rot90 x
repeat [xyz] [數值] 重複模型, negative value for mirror repeat (xyz is optional) repeat 2.0
mir [axis] "mirror" (copy + symmetry), default axis is x mir
dia [axis] diagonal symmetry, default axis is z dia
dil [axis] dilation, +z : positive direction, -z : negative direction, z : both directions dil xyz
ero [axis] erosion, +z : positive direction, -z : negative direction, z : both directions ero +z-yx
flood [colorIndex] flood, if colorIndex == 0, remove all invisible voxels flood 0
otherwise, fill all invisible space with colorIndex flood 73
noise [seed scale min max] Perlin noise default value : scale = 0.03 min = 0.2 max = 0.5 noise 123 0.03 0.2 0.5
rand [min max] paint model with random color index between min and max rand 10 15
maze [edge length] Generate maze shape maze 8
pal mask mask out all unused color swatches
pal sort [+-hsvrgb] sort palette colors pal sort vsh
pal fill [index] fill palette with chosen color index pal fill 100
pal bw/mac generate grey or default mac palette pal bw
snap [interface element] Take a snapshot image of the whole interface or one of its element see Save image (interface) for a list of elements
[file type] export model o slice
odir [file type] export all models in current folder displayed in model list odir obj
xs [option] [shader name] [arg0] [arg1] ... generate model/anim by custom voxel shader in folder [shader/] xs wave (-n : num interations; -prev : based on previoud frame; -cur : based on current frame )

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Commands on the official github page.

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