Color menu (interface)

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Switch between HSV/RGB color picker

  • The HSV / RGB button alterns between 2 color models:
    • HSV for Hue, Saturation, Value
    • RGB for Red, Green, Blue

Show values

  • Shows HSV or RGB values next to the color pickers.

Show SV block

  • Merges Saturation and Value into one color picker.

Pick color from screen

  • Click and hold LButton on the color box, drag it over any color (even out of MagicaVoxel) and release to pick.
  • Interface palette-pick color from screen example.gif
    Picking color out of MV

RGB values

  • Each primary color value is coded in a block from 0 to 255, all 3 blocks separated by a space.

Show HEX values

  • Allows to change active color in a web-friendly value. Each primary color is coded in a hexadecimal block, from 00 to ff, no space between the 3 blocks.

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