Center mode (interface)

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  • Sets brush in center mode.
    Draws a voxel-filled 2D disc or square shape from its center.

    4 center modes are available:

    • Circle or square shape
    • Odd or even size
  • Center modes

Circle or square shape

  • Draws a voxel disc or square, LButton determines the radius, and the plan where it's projected on.
  • Interface 0.99.2a brush-center circle example.gif
    Center mode + Attach + Circle shape + Odd size
    Interface 0.99.2a brush-center square example.gif
    Center mode + Attach + Square shape + Odd size

Odd or even size

  • Chooses if the shape will be centered on 1 (Odd) or 4 (Even) voxels.
  • Center mode + Attach + Odd size
    Center mode + Attach + Even size

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