0.99a (version)

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11/23/2017 Changelog

  1. World Editor
    • Support multiple objects
    • Larger scene area: (-1024+1024)
    • Group objects
    • Reference objects/groups: modifying one of the references will affect the others
    • Transform objects: rotate, flip, move
    • Rectangle select: SHIFT to add selection, ALT+SHIFT to remove selection
    • Translation gizmo and free movement: Shift+move to get a referenced copy
    • Union combine objects
    • Copy/paste objects between world editor and model editor
    • Hide objects
    • Change order of objects for drawing and combination
    • Layers: to hide objects with same layer tag
    • Hotkey TAB to switch between model editor and world editor
    • Hotkey TAB/SHIFT+TAB to enter/leave groups
  2. Renderer
    • Performance optimizations
    • Support larger volumes: 512x512x5121024x512x256 or 1024x1024x128
    • Can copy/paste materials using CTRL+C/V or Matter->C/P
    • Rendering settings are saved into file: lighting, lens, ground/edge colors, etc.
    • Blooming effect is automaticlly calculated, and can be paused as well
    • Can display constant color background: View->Back
  3. View Cube
    • Smooth camera transition
    • Click the cube face/edge/vertex to set to 26 standard view angles (90/45)
    • Left-drag the view cube to rotate view
    • Hotkey 4 to recenter view; hotkey 5 to show one of the 6 face views (front, back, etc.)
    • Z+left drag to zoom view
    • X+left drag to rotate view
    • Space+left drag to move view
    • 7/8 to save/load view
  4. Editing
    • Auto-saved to cache/ folder every 25 steps
  5. UI
    • UI scaling for High DPI screens: enter ui scale 1.5 in console or change ui_scale in config.txt
    • Panel is scalable (some UI elements are hidden behind)
    • Palette: pick color from screen: ALT+left drag
    • Lower CPU usage: only redraw when needed
  6. Limitations: will be improved in future version
    • Not stable
    • Export: can only export single models, cannot export models with offsets and names
    • Render: no voxel shapes
    • Animation: no frame based animation


Update log of the official github page.

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